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Lead Industry Trends with the Charm of RV Travels: The 7th All in CARAVANING Grandly Opens in Beijing

On June 22, 2018, the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Yizhuang, Beijing) welcomed the opening of All in CARAVANING 2018, the annual industry leading event in the world of caravanning in China, for the first time. Along with applause at the opening ceremony, the AIC 2018 opens its door to visitors for a “caravanning festival”.


Since its debut in Beijing in 2012, AIC has come to the 7th year of its journey in China. It has been held successively in the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, the China National Convention Center, the Beijing Exhibition Center and now has found its new venue in Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. The scale of the trade show has grown along with the booming RV and camping industry in China, having increased from 5,000 square meters in the beginning to 35,000 square meters now. The number of exhibitors also grows from 53 to nearly 700 (including campsites). This impressive development of AIC underlines rapid growth and tremendous changes that have transformed the entire industry. Caravanning has grown from a niche, high-end vacation form into a mainstream way of leisure for everyone.


At the press conference of the opening day, AIC organizers introduced highlights of the exhibition to visitors and reporters, and revealed future AIC development strategies and planning. One of the most interesting strategies is the “AIC City Roadshow” campaign that will take place in 2019. Under the theme of “Discover China”, AIC will organize unique travel routes starting from its home base in Beijing with the use of caravan. Caravan and camping carnivals will be hosted in target cities, with the aim to promote China’s holistic tourism and a new caravan lifestyle.


Big-name exhibitors gather and bring an unprecedented lineup of exhibits
Consistent with its highly international feature, AIC has attracted nearly 300 top-level caravan brands from home and abroad with more than 350 show vehicles. Among them are well-known brands such as Adria, Pilote, Dethleffs, Coachman, Hobby, Fendt, Bimobil, etc. There are also popular Chinese local manufacturers and companies, such as RV International, Brilliance, Yutong, CRVC, SAIC Maxus, LiveZone RV, Jinglingshun, Jinghang, Tourist, COSMOS, Iveco, Spring RV, Yate RV, Family RV, Zhongqijingfu, Rongye, Yunshang RV, Feishen RV, Deeson, etc.


A number of new vehicle models are scheduled to debut at AIC 2018, ranging from cost-effective budget RVs to multi-million luxury models, all set to impress visitors.  SAIC Maxus will exhibit its full range vehicles including the new RV80 B-type RV, two RV80 C-type RVs and RT11 caravan, while staging a debut event of its “mysterious” and latest crossover product RG10. Sunshine Traveler has launched its J5 multi-purpose family RV model as a limited edition to mark its 5th anniversary. Rongye RV has launched a new Tulv extended “Starry Night” mobile home model, family mobile home model as well as a honeymoon mobile home model to meet the needs of different customer groups. First-timer Beijing Huanda presents Iveco (luxurious version) double-expansion type-C RV, type C Classic version (guanyue version), and Quanshun (guanyue version) double-expansion type C RV. The full range of brands and models are waiting for visitors to come experience the charm of caravans. Many exhibitors will provide attractive discounts on site that reduce prices by thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands. It is arguably the best and not-to-miss opportunity this year to purchase your dream caravan. 


What is even more eye-catching is the debut of two new joint venture companies, i.e. “Erwin Hymer-Loncen” from Luoyang and the “Hunan Pilote Co. Ltd”. Erwin Hymer-Loncen from Luoyang has officially released its latest B-class and C-class motorhomes at AIC 2018, while Hunan Pilote exhibited four new luxury motorhomes imported from Europe. Influx of foreign capital and the establishment joint ventures highlight the huge market potentials which are drawing the attention of major European and American brands. The joint venture partners will complement each other, share resources, and jointly expand and strengthen the industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the caravan and camping industry in China.


The caravan accessories zone has been greatly expanded this year. The Lobby of Hall A has brought together mainstream accessory brands from home and abroad, offering visitors a wide selection. Here you will find new and returning exhibitors including Truma, Dometic, Brianza Plastica, FIBROSAN, Thetford, FAP, LAMILUX, Renogy, Reimo, FILIPPI LEGNAMI,  Telair, Vohringer, MOBO Mobile, BEGAP, United Industry & Trade, Eberspächer, Goshen, AL-KO, INDEL B, HANDSOME RIDER, Hongdu, ChengBang Innovative Creations, etc.


This year, AIC has also set up a special “AIC Innovation Zone” which collectively showcases the latest accessories with independent intellectual property rights from varying brands of the year in the Chinese market under the category of electric appliance, kitchen/toilet/furniture and camping. It is worth a visit if you have plans to upgrade your vehicle. The booth number is FE301. 


Campsites are becoming increasingly important for caravan tours, and a growing number of caravan fans also pay more attention to the quality of campsite facilities. In order to meet the ever larger customer demand, AIC organizers have set up an outdoor/camping equipment exhibition area in the open air space on the south square and the Lobby of Hall A. Exhibitors that will showcase products here include LEHERO, Toye Outdoors, MIY, GoSun, Kampa, Tuoxinwei, Bulin Outdoor Equipment and Youqu Amusement Equipment. Moreover, they will host various interactive activities and press conferences to create immersive and real camping experience for visitors through camping scene based lifestyle demonstration. For example, the “LEHERO Cultural Tour" strategy press conference and the movie event of “77 Days" are all worth a visit.


Concurrent conference and talks bring insights into hotspot topics
The most popular Speech Corner for release of new vehicle/technology is located at the AK02 booth on the east side of Hall A. Visitors can take a break here from visiting the show, while having the great opportunity to listen to talks, learn about industry knowledge, get acquainted with industry leaders, exchange caravan travel experience and get to know fellow caravan fans. From 9 am to 5 pm, fascinating press conferences and events are taking place without any stop, allowing visitors to get in full contact with expert speakers for in-depth communication and exchange.


Key activities include the Inauguration Ceremony for Caravan Fans Handbook & China Campground Experience Brochure, the 3rd China International Tourism Conference and China RV Tourism Carnival Conference, Launch of United Camping Platform and Franchise Project, Presentation on Public Welfare by Diqing State Yunan, Presentation on Ulan Bator Tourism Resources, as well as a number of new product launch events and press conferences organized by exhibitors and enterprises such as Renogy, Rvhomeland, Dometic Waeco and Anyicheguanjia.   For those who are interested in information and experience about RV and camping, don't miss the talk by Mr. GE Weiwei, Caravan Culture Ambassador of AIC 2018 under the theme “Stories about RV and Camping”. He will share “Stories about the RV laws and regulations and the latest policies” and “Stories about the use of RVs and tuning cars” on June 23 and 24 respectively.


Fascinating fun programs that will make your visit interesting and worthwhile
AIC 2018 has developed more diversified features this year. Through intensive cooperation with Green Mall, B9 Outdoor Experience park, Anyicheguanjia, Reschool, Dreamaker, Happy Valley and other major partners, AIC organizers have introduced five thematic activity areas which closely link the RV industry with fields of outdoor activities, family events, sports and food. This consolidates AIC's concept of achieving “cross-industry, integration, professional and breakthrough” development.


The B9 Game Zone on the west side of south square will launch experience programs targeted at youngsters such as a dynamic obstacle game, rugby and Michoo. At the same time, FB LIFE will organize fun activities in the FB PARK. The Sino-German food market located on the west side of Hall A and Hall B has prepared a selection of fine wines and delicacies from Germany as well as special local snacks from Beijing, allowing visitors to replenish their energy with outstanding flavors. AIC CLUB at booth BE03 will organize children's favorite “Family Activities Day”, where many educational games and caravan education programs await the participation of children and their parents. Please remember to obtain a visitor guide and exhibition map at the entrance of the exhibition hall to help easily navigate through your “journey of caravan” at AIC 2018.


AIC 2018 is genuinely the most popular and eye-catching “caravanning festival” in Beijing this summer. It not only covers the most extensive product exhibits along the entire supply chain, but also has a wide variety of fun experience programs as well as lucky draw activities. The exhibition will last for three days and close on June 24. The Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing) is located at No. 6, Rongchang East Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing.


For more information, please visit www.aicshow.com.