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All in CARAVANING will showcase a wide spectrum of caravanning products, including caravans and mobile homes, accessories, extension components, and campgrounds from international renowned brands.。

Main product groups/sectors:


Motor Homes

Basic Vehicles

Park Trailers/Mobile Homes

Detachable Parts and Components for Caravans and Motor Homes

Installations / Heating / Gas / Water

Energy supply / Electrical Installations / Electrical Appliances

Antennas /Receivers / Navigation Systems

Vehicle Parts / Chassis Units / Axles / Trailer Equipment / Accessories


Camping Equipment and Parts

Outdoor Articles

Caravaning Tourist Industry

Campgrounds Equipment Suppliers / Recreational Equipment Suppliers

Campgrounds/Camping Parks Material Suppliers

Campgrounds Service and Specialist Sectors

Rental Agents

Purchase / Financing/ Insurance

Government Insititutes/Associaiton / Research Institute

Specialist literature / Media