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Booth Application

Participation Cost

For caravan/motor home exhibitor For outdoor equipment exhibitor For other exhibitor (RV accessories, etc.)
Raw space inside area: 520 RMB/m² (min. 200m²) Raw space inside area: 450 RMB/m² (min. 24m²) Raw space inside area: 845 RMB/m² (min. 18m²)
/ / Shell scheme: 1,200 RMB/m² (min. 9m²)

Booth Information

Item Shell Scheme
                        Style                         Aluminum system
                        Carpet                         With carpet
                        Fascia Board                         Bi-lingual
                        Info Counter                         1
                        Table                         1
                        Chair                         3
                        Spot Light                         3
                        Waste Basket                         1
                        Socket                         1 No. of 220V/5A socket
        Note: No financial credit will be given for any package item not utilized.

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