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AIC 2019 Press Conference Held in Beijing with Impressive Highlights

AIC 2019 Press Conference Held in Beijing with Impressive Highlights

All in CARAVANING 2019 (AIC 2019) will once again take place in the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing) during June 14-16, 2019. On the afternoon of November 20, 2018, the AIC 2019 press conference was held in the Beijing Auto Museum. It was the first time that AIC, since its successful 7th edition in June this year, organized such an event to cast light into the next year's highlights and annual plans to the industry and media outlets, drawing great attentions. 


Distinguished guests to the conference included Mr. FANG Dehe, Secretary General of China Association of Automotive Manufacturers Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee, Mrs. TIAN Qun, General Manager of the CITS Group Corporation and President of the Council of China Self-Driving Tour and Camping & Caravaning Association(STCCA) of CTACA, Mr. LIU Hanqi, Secretary General of China Self-Driving Tour and Camping & Caravaning Association(STCCA) of CTACA, Ms. LI Yan, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the Beijing Caravaning & Camping and Self-driving Tour Association, and Mr. Axel Bartkus, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Exhibitors including RV International, HYMER China, Jinguan, LiveZone RV, Yate RV, Junqi RV, CRVC, LEHERO also took part in the event to show their support for AIC. Moreover, around 30 mass and industry media outlets including CCTV, Beijing TV, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Huanqiu, Xcar, autohome, cheshi, rv360, Caravan News, dayrv.com, rv58, rvhome, and CCRV were present at the press conference to witness the official start of AIC 2019 for next year.


“AIC+” for both professional and cultural activities

At the press conference, Mr. Axel Bartkus welcomed and thanked all the guests in his opening remarks. Then, Mrs. DU Yujia, Director of AIC Project, introduced the overall concept and estimated scale of AIC 2019, and detailed the division of exhibition areas. It is reported that compared with AIC 2018, the new edition in 2019 will have a larger exhibition area of 37,000 square meters, with an estimation of 200 exhibitors, and more international exhibitors are expected to join. The number of visitors is likely to exceed 25,000.


For concurrent activities, the organizer puts forward a new concept of “AIC+” which covers both B2B and B2C sectors. Thus, industry professionals and consumers would have the excellent opportunity to talk business and experience new products all at the same time.


B2B activities will highlight its international engagement and authority, including "AIC + Standard Exchange", "AIC + Campground Business", "AIC + International Exchange", and "AIC + Sales Model". More than 20 technical conferences and seminars will be held on site. Top experts from Europe and the United States will join Chinese industry leaders to share lessons learnt and successful experiences in seek of cooperation.


It is worth noting that, in order to establish a more professional trading platform for exhibitors, the organizer will launch “AIC RV Purchasing Delegation” and “AIC Professional Buyers Delegation” for the first time, promoting the event as an extensive and efficient trading channel that helps close business deals between exhibitors and trade visitors.


B2C cultural activities will increase its knowledge content on top of fun elements, organizing events under "AIC + Dream Tour", "AIC + Starter World", "AIC + Caravan Club", and "AIC + Adventure Camp". Among them, Dream Tour and the Starter World are adopted from the AIC mother show, CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf, the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes and caravans. Next year, these two new additions to AIC will offer Chinese RV enthusiasts the opportunity to appreciate “around the world” tours, while allowing starters the chance to learn information and advice.


AIC 2019 will also invite internationally renowned stars of the industry to come: Mr. KOSTYA ABERT, a Germany RV traveller and the international caravan culture ambassador who highly motivated visitors at AIC 2017 will once again lead a European caravanning delegation to China, bringing in a new wave of Sino-German cultural tourism in 2019. DANNY MACASKILL, a Scottish trials cyclist will join AIC for the first time and give a stunning performance on site. 


Eight years of preparation for the launch of AIC SCHOOL 


2019 marks the 8th year in the development of AIC. It is more than a trade show, as it serves to popularize the caravan culture as its mission, and is committed to becoming the compass of the industry. Through the success of the previous seven editions, AIC has established a solid industry foundation with a network of numerous industry giants and experts. On this basis, AIC and CITS Group Corporation - XINGLV RV Club have reached a strategic agreement to cooperate on the launch of a new project, i.e. AIC SCHOOL. As a “training school” for the public who wish to learn about new lifestyles of caravan & camping, AIC SCHOOL aims to popularize RV camping knowledge through the AIC platform and increase the public awareness of this way of holiday, while improving professional skills of drivers and engaging more people in the fun of camping.


At the press conference, Mrs. TIAN Qun, General Manager of the CITS Group Corporation officially inaugurated the AIC SCHOOL. The first AIC SCHOOL event will take place in Shanghai in April 2019. At present, the organizer has invited Mr. CHEN Hanbin, a well-known caravan traveler, and Mr. MO Zhao, an industry leader as official instructors and the “RV Life” as the designated platform.  Mr. Axel Bartkus, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. awarded them the certificates at the event.


AIC SCHOOL will offer courses in three categories: primary, intermediate and advanced, covering topics such as RV functions, RV driving, how to rent a RV, RV tour sharing and route planning.


At the end of the press conference was the launch ceremony for AIC Media Day. The organizer has set the first day of the exhibition next year, i.e. June 14th, as “Media Day”, to provide one-stop services that are more efficient for media outlets. All participating media gathered on the stage and joined in with the organizer to kick start a new round of promotion for AIC 2019. In the following months, AIC will strengthen its interaction and cooperation with industry media outlets to launch intensive promotional campaigns.


The successful convening of the press conference marks the official start of AIC 2019. For booth applications and more information, please scan the QR code to follow our official WeChat or visit www.aicshow.com.

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