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A Full Upgrade of AIC 2018: Welcome to Join Us in the AIC + 6.0 Era!

Ⅰ AIC + New Venue        
The Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing) is conveniently located in the core area of Yizhuang New Town, adjacent to the city’s trunk roads, the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway and the Yizhuang subway line. The Center has 40,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, two large exhibition halls as well as around 10,000 square meters of outdoor venues, providing ample space for large-scale exhibitions.       
Ⅱ AIC + Family Festival        
The AIC Family Festival will launch a series of science and technology education programs, English drama performances, caravan hand paint contest, outdoor adventure and other interesting activities for parents and children to experience caravan and camping life in a lively atmosphere. Additionally, there will be a variety of carnival programs and game activities organized by the exhibitors with surprise gifts waiting for lucky winners!        
Ⅲ AIC + Food Festival        
AIC 2018 will join hands with a number of companies  to launch a food festival. At the event, caravan fans and visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy authentic cuisine and wine .        
Ⅳ AIC + Outdoor Activities        
AIC will team up with the B9.REI to launch diverse outdoor recreational activities onsite. With a new outdoor camping experience area, AIC 2018 will provide visitors with outdoor sports experiences such as rock climbing, archery and horseback riding, breaking the boundaries while establishing a close tie between caravan and outdoor life!        
Ⅴ AIC + World Cup        
For the 2018 World Cup, AIC will dedicate a World Cup special zone for football fans among exhibitors and visitors to enjoy the fun and wonder of exciting football games! At the same time, AIC will organize a friendly Sino-German football match!        
Ⅵ AIC + Caravan Fan Camping Zone        
AIC 2018 will organize the first AIC caravan fan club with a camping experience zone onsite, so that caravan fans from all corners of the world could get together, network and share the joy.

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