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In order to promote trade between exhibitors and visitors and improve exhibition quality, AIC website now sets up Matchmaking function: Make an Appointment and Add to Favorites. With this function, you can easily find clients you are interested in and arrange your visit tour in advance, which can definitely improve your exhibiting and visiting experience.

How to realize Matchmaking?

If you are visitor: Click here to login 
1.Please register to be our visitor
2.Click “Companies & Products”. You can search exhibitors based on category, name and country.
3.Click “Make an Appointment”
4.Choose the date and time to meet exhibitors
5.Click “Confirm”
By clicking “Add to Favorites”, you can put all exhibitors you are searching for into one folder, which can help you find your target clients anytime and anywhere and arrange your visit tour in advance.

If you are exhibitor: Click here to login 
1. Log in “Exhibitor Center”
2. Check and accept meeting invitation from visitors
3. Click “Confirm”