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AIC video show

AIC’s wonderful video programs are coming up! We will invite the industry tycoons, experts, and famous RV travelling pioneers to be interviewed by video. They will share their insights on the development of RV and camping industry, their experience in operating the business, as well as the interesting stories about RV travelling and camping life.

Big names gathering here!

All in CARAVANING - a trade show with professional insights, rich inspiration, and innovative ideas.

Video Collection

Highlights of CARAVAN SALON 2022
JingXi Natural Campground
LiveZone Camel RV Ziyoupao C
LiveZone LAIFU Dagui RV
AIC X FuSheng RVlife Story
Highlights of AIC 2021
AIC is coming soon.
Interview with Mr. Stefan Koschke by Mr. Wang
Interview with Mr. Simon George of Hymer Loncen
Interview with Mr. Zhang Xiaolei of Hymer Loncen
Interview with Mr. Jin Rui of EXELLENT and Mr. Zhang Jingwei of ELLEVAN CARAVAN
Interview with Mr. Lu Peng of YUTONG