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The European caravan and motor caravan market and

The year 2016 was a very successful year for European manu facturers of motor caravans. The number of new reg-istrations increased by an impressive 18.3 per cent, and even surpassed the very good results of the previous year (12.6 per cent). One noteworthy fact is that except for the relatively small Austrian market, all other European markets reported higher registration numbers. Other than the relatively small markets in Finland and Slovenia, all markets also registered double-digit gains. Overall, manufacturers of motor caravans sold 96,400 units. Denmark experienced the highest growth (+56.3 per cent) at a low level. It was followed by the former “problem child” Spain with a gain of 35.9 per cent, and Sweden with 30.8 per cent. Germany (35,150 vehicles; 36.5 per cent share), France (19,700 units; 20.4 per cent share) and the UK (12,350 motor caravans; 12.8 per cent share) remain the largest sales markets. 


In addition to the German market, the European caravan market also registered positive growth in 2016. A figure of 73,510 newly registered units translates into growth of 1.9 per cent and the third year of growth in a row. The comeback of the caravan also continued smoothly in Europe. Here, the British market repeated its performance from previous years and continues to lead the group with 23,350 newly registered vehicles (+2 per cent). Alongside Germany, big increases were also registered in Sweden (+11.1 per cent), Denmark (+6.5 per cent) and the Netherlands (+6 per cent). The only market that did not do well was France, where new registrations decreased slightly by 1.2 per cent to 7,750 units. The upward trend continued in the first months of this year. A total of 27,840 caravans were newly registered in Europe between January and April 2017, which corre-sponds to a growth of 2 per cent. All statistical surveys conducted by the CIVD are con-tinuously updated – even data from previous years. Therefore the figures shown here may deviate from the figures that were published in the previous version of the “Caravanning Profile”.


(Source: CIVD)